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Day 24 – EGGFACE

I am crazy paranoid that people are watching me.  When I go places, I feel like people are watching me and my doings all the time.  (This makes sense because I am always watching other people and therefore contribute to my own paranoia).

Then, what results from this paranoia is me getting all awkward in whatever I am doing.  Which is kinda weird because maybe that’s why people are watching me (if they are) in the first place.  They are just waiting for me to trip up (cause it would be funny) or waiting for me do something else embarrassing.  I become so worried about what they are thinking that I start muttering to myself to try to figure out with myself, WHY they are watching me.

So, then because I am in dialogue with myself, I usually cannot, or do not, focus on what I was initially doing before the paranoia kicked in.  This really sucks because I have done messed up things as a result of it.  For instance, walked into walls and shelves, fallen “UP” stairs, banged into people and lot’s of other stuff.

So tonight my piece is inspired by my paranoia about be watched and ending up with “egg on my face”.


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I was out driving today and I happened to notice the fence between the highway and the service road in the town where I live.  This space is quite a sight as it looks particularly funny.  There is a 4 lane highway, separated by a 10 foot strip of natural growth followed by another paved road (service road).  And right in the middle of natural growth strip lies a chain link fence to separate the two roads.

As I was driving along side of this fence on the service road, I got to wondering about how I could make that green area a little more appealing.  While the growing wild flowers that are there already are awesome, I think it needs a little more colour.  So I think I am going Guerilla art the crap out of it and throw some seeds in that area. Probably of some red flowers of some sort or something like that, and once I do this, I will post an update about it.

In the meantime, I created this artwork to recognize interactivity between the natural world and the human hand.  (clay medium)

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This post is about me writing about coming to terms with myself.

All the wandering and discovering I am doing, isn’t just encompassing external experience but internal as well (to my surprise, and totally knocking my assumptions about this project out the window).

So here is a work about getting to know yourself, inspired by William Shakespeare.

Cassius: Tell me good Brutus, can you see your face?

Brutus:   No, Cassius, for the eye sees not itself, but by reflection, by some other thing.

Cassius: Tis Just.

And it is very much lamented, Brutus, that you will have no such mirrors as will turn your hidden worthiness into your eye, that you might see your                      shadow.

Therefore good Brutus, be prepared to hear; and since you know you cannot see yourself so well as reflection, I, your glass, will modestly discover to yourself which you yet know not of.

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I noticed lately that I have been in circumstances that involve watching other people throw recyclable material into garbage cans.  One really wouldn’t believe how much this happens.  What is interesting about this though is that recycling bins are usually less than 20 feet away from said garbage can.  Call me irrational (cause usually I am not…..ok, maybe sometimes I am) but I really don’t understand this behaviour.

I get it if there are no other bins around, you do what you gotta do and go with the garbage can, (yes, I have actually done this myself, but not without a some guilt however) but for the love of Pete if there are bins around, please walk those few extra steps and hit it up!  ( I do also realize there is no guarantee around whether or not the stuff in those bins actually gets recycled, but let’s be a little optimistic on this one.)

I just figure we should try to do your part if we can.  (Furthermore, I am totally paranoid about the world ending soon).

So OF COURSE this got me thinking about how we tend to dance all over nature just like she is always gonna be there.  And sometimes we take her a little for granted and forget that without her there would be no us.

So as a reminder I drew a top hat wearing dancing man on some flower petals (on cut flowers) as a way to signify while we dance now, sooner or later the song may be over.

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Wow, I can’t believe I am on day 20 already.

I wandered a lot today. Here, there and everywhere and boy am I exhausted.  While I was out, I bought myself a muffin but I couldn’t finish eating it because I was too full.  This is significant because I  ended up turning my un-eaten muffin into my art for today.

I got to thinking (and assuming) that it must be hard to be a bug, creature or any kind of living thing that isn’t welcomed in the lives of humans.  It’s gotta be tough, always scrounging for food, getting stepped on, poisoned….etc.

So with my old muffin bits I set up a sort of buffet for little creepy crawlers.  I figure it’s a simple gesture, but will make the world of difference for them in their quest for food tonight.  They won’t have to worry about getting evil looks from their peers/housemates for not pulling their weight when it comes to gathering the eats.  There will be the heros in the world of crawlers tonight!

I just hope they like apples and cinnamon.

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So I went back to school.  I think I am a glutton for punishment and what’s really crazy is that it’s a wonder my guy is still around.

I think the running total now is ten years, (its taken me a while to get things done and I’ve managed to hit a couple life milestones along the way, got married had a couple kids, moved….etc.) it’s been fun at times and not so fun at other times.

So now I am back at it again an the truth is, I love learning.  I think everyone does don’t they?  I like to keep informed and learn new techniques/methods around what I do, I think of it as staying current.

My life though, as a result, is kind of a show.  I wear whatever “costume” is needed for a particular day given the itinerary, and manage to drink enough coffee (to stay awake and keep going) that Tim Hortons had to open another shop at my end of town to meet my needs. (Not really, but they did open another one at my end of town.  Thank God!)

So today my work is about me and the pseudo-identities I manage to pull off in my life, as well as for others that keep themselves and all the people in their life on track and tuned, and manage to look good (or at least okay) doing it.

Cheers to you.

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I love enchantement.  In fact, I am quite enchanted a lot of the time.  I guess one could say, that I really like living with my head in the clouds, not having many worries and going with the flow most of the time (I do have trouble at times though, see previous posts) and taking life as it comes.

I am an eternal optimist but I do realize my perception of things can be a bit unrealistic at times (especially to others).

Although, sometimes given a certain circumstance I can become disillusioned and disheartened very quickly (as can everyone, I suppose) and I really despise those moments because they are somewhat jarring for me.   For example, today I facilitated an art birthday party and the given price for my party includes up to 15 guests.  However, the young girl who had the party only had 6 friends show up.  I am a sucker for this kind of unfortunate situation, so I decided to give her parents a discount on the party.  I got really excited about giving them a discount and charged them $40.00 less than I normally charge.  I thought this was a great deal and that they would be thrilled, I was so happy!!!

They weren’t.

They barely flinched and were unimpressed, so I guess maybe they may have had higher expectations?  I don’t know but they certainly didn’t share my enthusiasm about saving forty bucks and it kinda took the wind out of my sail.

I think it’s important to remember that sometimes we see things in a certain light even though they may not really be what we think they are to others.

With this in mind, I created a little op-art to represent that sometimes the things we see or believe may or may not be what they seem.

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